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Everything You Need to Know About Coloring Your Hair

If you’re considering coloring your hair, there’s a lot to think about. From choosing the right color to understanding which products and techniques will give you the best results, it can be an intimidating process. But don’t worry! Learning the basics of coloring your hair isn’t as hard as it looks. Read on for everything you need to know before taking the plunge. .

Jan. 31, 2023


Choosing Your Color

The most important decision when it comes to coloring your hair is selecting the right color. When picking out a new hue, it helps to start by considering how much of a change you want from your current shade. Generally speaking, if you plan on going more than three shades lighter or darker than your natural color, you should consult with a professional colorist first. It’s also helpful to bring in photos of the look you want and ask for their opinion—after all, they know what works best for different types of hair and skin tones.

At-Home vs Professional Coloring

You may be tempted to try an at-home dye job in order to save money, but that isn’t always a great idea. Professional stylists have access to higher quality products and are typically better equipped (and more experienced) when it comes to applying them correctly. If you do decide to go the DIY route, be sure to read all instructions carefully before applying anything and speak with a stylist if possible—they can help guide you through the process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Maintenance Tips

Once your new hue is in place, there are several steps you should take in order to keep it looking vibrant and healthy over time. First off, use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair; these are formulated with special ingredients that help preserve the vibrancy of dyed strands longer than regular formulas do. Additionally, avoid heat tools whenever possible (or at least use settings that won't damage your hair), stick with gentle brushes instead of metal combs and opt for silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones (silk causes less friction). With these tips in mind, your newly colored locks will stay looking amazing for months!


Coloring your hair is an exciting way to switch up your look without having to commit long-term—but it does require careful planning beforehand if you want beautiful results that last. From choosing a flattering shade to making sure those locks stay healthy over time, there are many factors at play when dyeing your mane. By following this guide though – including consulting with experts where necessary –you'll be able to achieve gorgeous color without any stress or hassle!


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